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In order not to get sick, besides hardening, charging and good sleep, one more preventive measure is necessary – proper nutrition.


I’ll start with the simplest, affordable and cheapest “medicine” – ordinary drinking water, “says our permanent expert, a member of the National Association of Dietitians and nutritiologists Lyudmila Denisenko. – Everyone knows that water is an indispensable requirement for the normal course of metabolic processes in humans. Water not only dissolves, but also displays all kinds of toxins from our body, but when dehydrating the body, our chances of catching a cold increase. In addition, water retains the normal secretion of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, removes dry lips. So do not forget to drink more plain water, even when you are trying to keep warm with tea or coffee. All drinks with caffeine, as well as herbal teas lead to cellular water, exacerbating dehydration. So, give up tea? Of course not! Just for every 100 grams of tea, drink an additional 150 g of water. Well, do not forget about the right products. I will list the main ones.


  1. Useful teas. These are the old proven “grandmother’s” methods – tea with kalina, raspberry, currant, lemon, honey, and “modern”, for example, ginger tea. It has long been known for its sweating properties and the ability to enhance immunity, and recent studies have revealed its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory “talents.”

To get the most out of ginger, I propose a tea recipe: grate 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger root. Pour it with hot water, but not with steep boiling water, and cover with a lid. Allow the mixture to stand for 15 minutes. Add a slice of lemon, honey – just a “snack”!

  1. Natural bee honey. It is best to combine it with tea and lemon. In this case honey should not be added directly to hot tea, because at the same time a significant part of biologically active substances lose their properties. Honey can be eaten on a slice of lemon, apple or with cottage cheese.
  2. “Live yogurt”, sour-milk products. Biohogards with lacto- and bifidobacteria not only contribute to maintaining a constant weight, but also “responsible” for the health of the gastrointestinal tract and a strong immune system. Many studies conducted by American and European scientists show that probiotics reduce influenza symptoms: temperature, coughing and stuffy nose in children. Believe that our “proven” kefir and yogurt will hardly yield to the yoghurts, and considering that 90 percent of the products on our market are not “live” yogurts, kefir with yogurt with short shelf life is an obvious favorite!
  3. Porridge from whole grains. It would seem, and where is the porridge? But our ancestors were absolutely right, porridge is an excellent source of vitamins and trace elements, especially selenium and zinc. Modern experts argue that eating high-fiber cereal products can also increase the body’s resistance. In the list of 9 types of products published recently by the MSNBC US news site, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and barley are included as effective anti-influenza products. I would also add buckwheat. Simply pour the grains slightly with salted boiling water overnight in a thermos, in the morning add milk and a little butter, dried fruit or fresh fruit to taste.
  4. Fruit. To effectively fight the flu, doctors propose daily to lean on fruits and vegetables that contain the greatest amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and mainly phytonutrients. Unconditional leaders here are citrus fruits, and first of all lemons, mandarins and oranges. In one orange, for example, there is a daily norm of vitamin C, also citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids, which enhance the antioxidant effect of this vitamin. Red tomatoes, pomegranates, grapefruits, as well as red cabbage and cranberries are especially useful for immunity and this is in addition to the fact that such a delicious set serves as a heart protection, thanks to the high content of lycopene and ellagic acid. Carrots and pumpkins also strengthen immunity, thanks to elements such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein, quercetin and other substances that can be converted to vitamin A. Quercetin is one of the flavonoids (substances that give fruits and vegetables a characteristic color) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and, according to recent studies, slows down the action of the influenza virus and helps the body to develop antibodies. Quercetin is found especially in large quantities in broccoli, apples, tomatoes and onions and in all bright vegetables and fruits (the more intense the color, the better).
  5. Sauerkraut. One of the most affordable and inexpensive sources of ascorbic acid. And in combination with green or onions and sunflower oil of cold pressing – this is generally a “vitamin bomb”!
  6. Garlic. It contains a natural antibiotic called allicin, which according to some studies helps prevent complications after a cold and flu. The use of just one clove of garlic a day already has the necessary preventive and antiseptic effects. In addition to garlic, the onion, horseradish, dill, wild garlic, etc. are also extremely rich in phytoncides. They are useful not only as a means of increasing the body’s resistance and helpers for the immune system, but also for preventing complications of influenza.

One of the most effective and inexpensive prophylactic agents is lard with garlic. There is such a recipe: in a glass of yogurt add 3 crushed chives and drink before meals.

  1. Beef. A good source of protein, iron, zinc and selenium, helping your body’s cells cope with any disease. In winter, it is good to combine beef with garlic and raw vegetables, which increases the effectiveness of these products in the fight against the common cold.
  2. Chicken broth and soup on chicken broth. They raise the anti-infectious functions of white bodies in the blood. The broth contains almost the entire set of amino acids necessary to block inflammatory cells and suppress developing infection. The broth reduces the amount of mucus in the nasopharynx and promotes a better cough, has a tonic effect and allows you to quickly get back on your feet after ailment. True, there will be more health benefits if there is not a pure broth, but chicken soup with vegetables.
  3. Foods rich in vitamin D. This is salmon, mackerel, sardines, milk and vegetable oils (linseed, sunflower, pumpkin). Now, many experts agree that any flu can be overcome with the help of vitamin D. In winter, its level in the body drops sharply due to lack of sunlight, so you need to use it with food. If you cook fish, it is very important not to fry it in oil and not to boil in a lot of water, because in this way the lion’s share of vitamin D is destroyed, and does not enter the body. The best methods of cooking are quenching in a small amount of liquid and steaming.

Recipes for immunity. Products rich in selenium, promote the formation of antiviral cells in the blood, help to strengthen immunity. Among the products rich in selenium, besides cereals, garlic and orange, sea fish and seafood, mushrooms, beets and carrots. An excellent recipe: a glass of apple-carrot-beet juice (ratio 2: 2: 1) with a spoon of vegetable oil in the morning. Very useful and this mix: apple and tomato juice for 0.5 cup, mix well and add 3-4 st. l. juice of beet and 1 tbsp. lemon juice.

The whole complex of nutrients from these products you can get from our drug Nutranex ImmuCare. Instead of a dozen products, it is enough to take one tablet and for many years you will forget about the common cold.

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