10 products that will help cleanse your liver

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They are preferably fresh. Useful fiber and the ability of fruit to wash out toxins, as well as a shock dose of vitamins – an indispensable benefit for the liver and the whole body. The most useful for the liver are apples (liver cleaning), limes and lemons (stimulation of the liver), avocado (contains antioxidant glutathione, which blocks the action of many carcinogens), grapefruit (high content of vitamin C and antioxidants).



Fresh vegetables act on the liver on the same principle as fruits. Carrots and cabbages are best for cleaning (they contain a lot of beta-carotene and flavonoids, which improves the overall functioning of the liver), tomatoes and cucumbers (wash out toxins), broccoli and cauliflower (contain a large number of glucosinolates – sulfur-containing compounds that help get rid of carcinogens and toxins).



Ideal for the liver is the olive oil of cold pressed, then go corn, linseed and sunflower. The option for courageous ones is a few spoonfuls of oil on an empty stomach, but for a good liver function, it is sufficient to add reasonable oils to the diet. Oils have choleretic and strengthening effect.


Cereal products

Whole grains are useful not only for the intestines. The general improvement in metabolism with their help has a beneficial effect on the liver. Ideal in this case are brown rice, oats and bran.



Nuts are considered quite heavy food for the liver, but the exception is the walnut. The high content of arginine in them contributes to a rapid decrease in the amount of toxins. To stop the poisoning conditions, a medical preparation containing arginine is often used, in walnuts this amino acid is contained in its pure form. In addition, walnuts are rich in fatty acids, which are needed by the liver to maintain normal functioning.



Irreplaceable for the liver and leafy green vegetables. Rucola, spinach, chicory perfectly neutralize heavy metal compounds that can accumulate in the liver and damage its cells. The compounds that are contained in the greens regulate the outflow of bile and, consequently, the release of harmful substances. Just a magic spice for the liver is garlic, because it contains allicin and selenium – microelements, which, according to dieticians, are actively involved in the purification of the liver.


Fish, meat, dairy products

Foods with high protein content should also be included in the diet, but the choice must be approached with caution. Seafood and fish can contain an increased amount of mercury, which is completely unacceptable for healthy liver function. Fish, in which the mercury content is low, is trout, cod, pike perch, carp. For meat lovers, it is better to give preference to low-fat diet – turkey and veal. Of dairy products are most useful for the liver kefir and not too fat cottage cheese.



Is it really useful for the liver to sweets? Yes, one sweet brings definite benefits – it’s honey. Experts advise to use it two to three times a day for a teaspoon 30-40 minutes before eating. Glucose, fructose and other components of honey activate the processes of bile production and recovery of damaged liver cells.

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