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In the right hypochondrium is a vital organ of our body – the liver. “Filter”, “chemical laboratory” – as soon as the liver is not named, given its complex functional work. The liver is the largest digestive gland (weight about 1.5 kg) in the body. However, on the production of bile to ensure digestion, its role does not end. After all, the liver protects the body from toxins entering into it, its own metabolic products and even microorganisms. That is, this body is a kind of “barrier” for uninvited “guests”. The liver also provides the energy needs of the body for glucose, converting various sources of energy into it (gluconeogenesis) and being a “depot” of glycogen.


Important role is the liver in providing hormonal balance and hematopoiesis. It is interesting that this body is a kind of “depot” of blood and, if necessary, it can throw blood into the vascular bed. But despite the fact that the role of the liver in the body is difficult to overestimate, few people think about maintaining this body, because he has long “silent” about their problems, declaring themselves only in severe cases. But this is no reason to ignore the care of the liver, especially since the factors that violate its work in modern life are more than enough.


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